The FredCast - Show #106
1. Music: "Happy" by Jimmie Bratcher
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Jimmie Bratcher
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1. Tour de France Wrap-up
wedge- Doping Rears its Ugly Head
* Manuel Beltran - Alleged Positive EPO Test
* Moises Duenas
wedge Riccardo Ricco
*- Tried to Avoid Doping Controls
*- Admits to Using EPO
2. ProTour News
*- ProTour Teams Decide Not to Renew Licenses
*- UCI Announces End to Impasse
wedge- Results/Rankings
* Classica Ciclista San Sebastian - August 2, 2008
* ProTour Rankings
* Next: Eneco Tour - August 20-27, 2008
3. Also Upcoming: Vuelta a Espana - August 30 - September 21, 2008
La Vuelta Web Site
4. Olympics Results and Opinion
5. Tour of California Announces 2009 Route
6. Product Recall: Electra Amsterdam Bicycles
CPSC Recall Info 
Electra Bicycle Recall Info (pdf)
7. Product Recall: Look Keo Pedals
CPSC Recall Info
8. Product Recall: Cervelo Wolf SL Forks
CPSC Recall Info
Cervelo Recall Info
9. Accident in DC
*- Thanks to Rudi Riet—randomduck
10. Critical Mass Incidents
*- Seattle
KING5 Video
*- New York
YouTube Video
Policeman's Statement
NY Daily News Article
1. WSJ Article
2. Preparing for The Alps
3. Saddle Sore!
4. Hotter n Hell Goes on This Weekend - August 23, 2008
5. Garmin Edge 705 Follow-ups
*- Ride Your Favorite TdeF Courses
*- TdeF GPS Data
Garmin GPS TdeF Files
*- Upcoming Product: PowerTap Ant+ Sport
Watch The Video
*- In Test: Quarq CinQo Power Meter
6. New Web Site: do.cycle
do.cycle Web Site
*- Thanks to Listener Paul
7. Upcoming Book: The Bike to Work Book
*- Carlton Reid
*- Tim Grahl
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