The FredCast - Show #89
1. Music: "Happy" by Jimmie Bratcher
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1. Cadel Evans' View on Cyclist-Motorist Confrontations - Thanks to Listener Michael Down Under
Sydney Morning Herald Story
*- Meanwhile a battle over cycle paths rages - Thanks to listener Luis Down Under
2. More Cities To Offer Free Municipal Bikes
*- Tel Aviv
*- Philadelphia
*- Boston
*- Edmund, OK
3. Interbike East Outdoor Demo - Sorry, No Public Day
4. Product Recall: Children's Trailer Bikes
Schwinn Site
Mongoose Site
InStep Site
5. Product Recall: Cannondale 2008 Scalpel Mountain Bikes
Cannondale Site
6. Pro Cycling News
*- Jason Macintyre Dead at 34
*- Floyd's Appeal to CAS Will Be in March
wedge-- Upcoming Race: Tour Down Under - January 20-27, 2008
Tour Down Under
* Tough Anti-Doping Measures Planned
7. Maui Tour Companies Struggling to Survive
8. Tough Fine for Cyclist
9. Score One for Our Side
Video Here
10. Another Reason to Stop at Red Lights: Handbag Wielding 84-year-old Barronesses
1. FredCast Tours 2008
wedge- Transalpine Adventure
* Salzurg (Austria) to Venice (Italy)
* June 25 - July 4
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3. The FredCast - CIty Cycling's Web Site of the Month
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1. Show Feature: Training Log
*- Interview with Rich Wharton
2. Interview: ErgVideo
3. Upcoming Event: Solider Ride - January 17-19, 2008
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