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    About The FredCast

    The FredCast is the internet's premier cycling podcast, offering a 45-60 minute audio program aimed at avid cyclists and fans of professional bicycle racing. The show focuses on cycling news, product reviews, upcoming events, interviews with interesting cycling personalities, on-the-scene reporting and other items of interest to so-called "Freds" (high-end cyclists who tend to spend a good deal of time and money on their equipment and training).

    The show, now in its 9th year of production, is hosted and produced by David Bernstein, an avid road cyclist, mountain biker and former bicycle industry executive. The FredCast regularly tops all competition in iTunes and other podcast aggregators and typically sees downloads in excess of 60,000 - 85,000 per month.

    More detailed information on the full About page.


Show #215 – Interbike 2014

In this episode of The FredCast, David attends the 2014 Interbike expo in Las Vegas. It’s a big show, with a lot of evolution (rather than revolution) and duplication (rather than innovation), so this year David interviews exhibitors who represent the Innovators (Nikola Innovation), the Crowd Funders (Fix It Sticks), the Wrist IDs (Epic ID), and the Power Meters (Brim Brothers). Also in this episode, David introduces you to OuterBike in Moab Utah and suggest that this would be a great place to ride the latest and greatest, and we catch up on a recent product recall.

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featuredimage Show #214 – ORSM14

In this episode of The FredCast, David attends the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2014 trade show and interviews companies whose products are related to cycling or of interest to Freds. Interviews include Olloclip, Knog, Magellan, and Sports Suds. Also on this episode, David catches up on recent product recalls, and says thanks and farewell to Indoor Cycling Music.

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featuredimage Show #213 – Mismanaged Carnival of Stupidity

In this week’s episode of The FredCast, product reviews of the BKOOL Cycling Trainer and Allett Wallets. As always, there’s lots of news including the death of Rep. James Oberstar, the U.S. Census Bureau reporting that bike commuting is up 60% in the United States, more AAA chapters adding roadside assistance for bikes, Alaska Airlines sponsors Seattle’s bike share system, Felt Bicycle recalls triathlon bikes, a bomb found near the Giro d’Italia course, the Tour of Utah introduces a women’s race, Johan Bruyneel receives a 10-year ban, Alec Baldwin arrested in New York for riding his bike the wrong way, and the world’s dumbest bicycle thief. We’ve also go Podsafe Cycling Music, and, of course, MUCH MORE!

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featuredimage Show #212 – Well Water

In this week’s episode of The FredCast, we answer a listener question about how to watch live and recorded professional cycling, without a TV and even if it isn’t airing in your home country. We’ve also go product reviews of the CamelBak Relay and the LifeProof Nüüd cases. In the news this week (wow, lots of news!), the City of Oakland has to pay $3.25 Million due to a cyclist who was injured by a pothole, the U.S. Supreme Court rules of Rails to Trails, AAA Colorado is extending roadside assistance to bicycles, a cycling event in the UK was sabotaged, a couple of product recalls (and an update on the SRAM Hydro recall), Boston doctors write bike share prescriptions, Pee Wee Herman’s bike sold (not stolen), and the luckiest cyclist in the world! And, of course, MUCH MORE!

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featuredimage Show #211 – Ready For My Close Up

In this week’s episode of The FredCast an interview with Tyler Servoss from Rockwell Relay and a product review of Coghlan’s Adhesive Signal Lights. Before that, lots of news including a California bill proposing a bike tax, a New York legislator says nobody should ride a bike, a new study says that cycling is safer than rugby while another study says that faster cyclists are more attractive. In other news, a cyclist was killed at the annual Tour de Palm Springs, Viva Bike Vegas is cancelled, several new cameras for your ride, a product recall, a California driver uses a ‘new car smell defense,’ a California woman plans to marry her bicycle, and lots more. And there’s lots more! Plus, George Thorogood and the Destroyers are our Podsafe Music artists.

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featuredimage Show #210 – Bucket List

In this week’s episode of The FredCast, the Los Angeles County DA is set to review the death of a cyclist that involved a deputy, the Virginia Senate passes 3-foot bill, road graffiti dubbed a hate crime in California’s Napa Valley, Easton-Bell reports a credit card data breach, a new report says Americans bike the least but are most likely to be injured, Death Valley cancels athletic events, cycling products at 2014 CES, product recalls, bike share news, a symphony made only with bike parts, a 102 year old cyclist sets a record, pro cycling news, and podsafe cycling music.

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Show #209 – YouCast

On this episode of The FredCast Cycling Podcast, we cover a wide range of cycling news including new laws in California and Nevada, the death of a well-known attorney following a collision with an L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy, notable new bike safety videos, a social media firestorm over Specialized’s handling of the Roubaix trademark, an SUV with a built-in shower, and bike share news including riding a Boris Bike to the top of Mt. Ventoux. Following the news, listener reaction to the last show on the bikes versus cars debate. And then, four holiday-themed podsafe cycling tunes.

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featuredimage Show #208 – The Debate

This week’s episode of The FredCast is devoted entirely to the topic of bikes versus cars and the ongoing debate surrounding the topics of sharing the road, vulnerable road users, the penalties for killing or injuring a cyclist, presumed liability laws, and how to improve the situation on the roads for cyclists and others. Included in this week’s show is a long segment of discussion from a recent episode of The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast, featuring Carlton Reid and Tim Jackson.

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featuredimage Show #207 – Products Galore (Part 2)

In this week’s episode of The FredCast we continue on our product focus with some product-related news including a wrap-upf of Interbike 2013, a peer-to-peer bike sharing web site, companion sites to juice your Strava performance, product recalls, and the world’s first “smart” bike helmet. In the features sections, we have product reviews for xx2i sunglasses, the Hercules WAE outdoor Bluetooth speaker, a comparison of LifeProof and Pelican iPhone cases, a book review of Rumble Yell by Brian David Bruns, and an interview with Culprit Bicycles.

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Blog Posts

Protect The Bikes on Your Roof

September 24, 2017

On this week’s episode of The Spokesmen, I mentioned that I have a system to ensure that I don’t drive into my garage with bikes on the roof rack. I made it sound a bit complicated, so I thought I would write this blog post to show you how simple this can be to set-up […]

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A Fred in Yorkshire

August 9, 2014

The story of how David from The FredCast made his way to Yorkshire for the Grand Depart of the 2014 Tour de France, and how he learned to love crowds.

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Mike Cachat from Jenson USA

October 2, 2013

I had a chance to sit down for a one-on-one interview with the CEO and Founder of JensonUSA at this year’s Interbike. This is an interesting, compelling and inspiring story. Enjoy!  

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Spruzza at Interbike 2013

October 1, 2013

I met Cameron from Spruzza at Interbike this year and I was taken by his product and his story so I wanted to share it with you. Take a look at the interview we recorded.

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Paleo Smoothie Recipe

March 1, 2013

Back in November, I told you that I had adopted the Paleo diet as a way to improve my health and lose weight. On Episoide 198 of The FredCast, I interviewed Coach Joe Friel, author of The Paleo Diet for Athletes. Since then, I’ve lost about 25 pounds and I feel great on and off […]

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Letter to the Editor

July 29, 2012

On Friday, I was on the phone with DL Byron from BikeHugger.com. He was telling me how impressed he has been with the road and mountain biking in my adopted home town of Park City, Utah. Of course, I said, that’s why we moved here. Despite that, however, I shocked Byron when I told him […]

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Photos from Press Camp

June 29, 2012

These are photos from Bike Press Camp 2012, recently help in Deer Valley (near Park City), Utah.

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Gallery of Bar Shots

May 7, 2012

Here are the #barshots we received in our JensonUSA #barshot contest. The winners are: @bvay @charx @johkirb @sorntoot @theotherguy1 @bike_junkie @crobertp @anj0712 @Graeme_mtb @OregonJones Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to everyone who entered!

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JensonUSA Bar Shot Contest!

April 25, 2012

JensonUSA and The FredCast are having a contest to see who can take the best Bar Shot, and ten (10) winners will be chosen each of whom will receive a twenty dollar ($20) gift certificate to JensonUSA! What’s a bar shot? An excellent question! A bar shot is a photograph you take from behind the […]

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Survey Contest Winners

March 24, 2012

Thank you to everyone who participated in The FredCast 2012 Listener Survey. The response was tremendous and I’ll be using your responses and comments to make the show even better in 2012. I know that many of you have been wondering whether or not you won anything in the contest, and I finally have the […]

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