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About Us

About The FredCast

The FredCast is a weekly podcast devoted to the latest cycling news, gear, gadgets, gizmos, components, podsafe cycling music and more!

About the Show’s Host and Creator
The FredCast is produced by me, David Bernstein. I am an avid road cyclist, and I live in Park City, Utah with my lovely wife, Donna, and our two daughters, Meghan and Emily. I am a former bicycle industry executive and while I now work in another industry for my day job, I love the fact that the show allows me to stay connected with the cycling industry and community. Unlike other business executives, I’d much rather be in a room with a bunch of people who want to go for a ride instead of play a round of golf!

I try to train nearly every day, either outside on the roads of the Wasatch back, or inside on my CompuTrainer . I like long distance cycling including centuries and doubles, and in 2006 I did a century (100 mile ride) each month. I am also involved in a number of charity rides include BikeMS and the Tour de Cure.

I have always been a computer geek ever since I was introduced to computers in 7th grade, at that time working on a mini-mainframe. Over the years I have had almost every Apple product imaginable and several different models of PCs. In the end, I must admit, that I am one of the Apple Faithful, now using a 13″ MacBook Air, a new iPad (nee iPad 3), and an iPhone 4.

In addition to cycling and computers, I am a private pilot (although I sold my flying club membership to afford my Colnago C40). I also enjoy sailing (especially in the British Virgin Islands), Geocaching, and snow skiing. I am also a former volunteer with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. And no . . . I don’t get very much sleep, thank you very much!

Why is it called The FredCast?
The show is called The FredCast because it is aimed at so-called “Freds,” or high-end cyclists who tend to spend a good deal of time and money on their equipment and training. While it is true that several internet dictionaries define a “Fred” as a person who spends a lot of money on his or her bike and clothing (yes, women can be Freds too), but still can’t ride, I tend to disagree. The reason why the so-called “serious” roadies like to disparage us Freds, is because we usually drop the “serious” roadies on the hills or in the town-line sprints. Turns out that lots of those “serious” riders were really posers.

I have been called a Fred time after time, especially by people who see my high-end Italian road bike and all of my cycling gadgets and gizmos. I have always taken the term as one of endearment and not one of scorn, since I usually ride faster than those who call me a Fred and so it has become a badge of honor.

The FredCast is devoted to all those who have ever been called a Fred by so-called “real” cyclists.

A podcast for freds, produced by a Fred.