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Show #158 – 88 Bikes

Jun 5th, 2010 | By | Category: Podcasts


Episode 158
June 4, 2010

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This episode of The FredCast Cycling Podcast features an interview with Dan Austin of 88Bikes, an interview with Tyler Servoss from the Rockwell Relay, and a product review from Carlton Reid of BikeBiz.com and QuickRelease.tv. In the news this week, too many car v. cyclist encounters, Ivan Basso wins his second Giro d’Italia, Alejandro Valverde draws a two-year ban, the UCI looks into motorized doping, helmets that smell when you crash, and more! 



The FredCast Cycling Podcast
Episode 158
June 4, 2010
1. Features are sponsored by JENSON USA
2. All shows are sponsored by listeners like you. Thank you for your donations!
1. Tragedies in Canada
* Crash in Quebec Kills Three
2. Police Seeking Suspects in Disruption of Cycling Event ( Video of Crash
4. San Francisco Driver Targets Cyclists
* Arrest is Made
5. LAPD Officers Relieved of Field Duty Following Critical Mass Incident
6. Pro Cycling News
V Giro d’Italia – May 8-30, 2010
* Ivan Basso Wins Second Giro d’Italia
* Dauphine Libere – June 6-13, 2010
V Tour de Suisse June 12-20, 2010
* Lance Will Race
* Tour de France – July 3-25, 2010
* Tour of Missouri Cancelled
* Tour of Ireland Cancelled
* Pre- and Post-Valverde Ban
* Valverde Draws Two-year Doping Ban
V Reports Surface of Landis Emails Admitting and Alleging Doping
* WADA Initiates Four Probes
V Asks Federations to Investigate
* U.S. Investigating U.S. Postal and Armstrong
* Landis & Bahati Part Ways
V Motorized Doping Denied
* Former Pro Says It is Real
* UCI will Investigate
* Cancellara Denies Claims
* Saxo Bank Denies Claims
7. Blackberry Users Get Cycling Directions in Google Maps for Blackberry 4.2
8. Ride on an Empty Stomach to Burn Fat, says Study
1. Interview: Dan Austin from 88 Bikes
V Dan’s Books:
V Dan’s Film:
2. Interview: Tyler Servoss from Rockwell Relay
3. Product Review: Eurosport Player by Carlton Reid
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  1. not downloadable so I can listen while riding???

  2. Hal:

    The show, like all podcasts, is absolutely downloadable. You can subscribe in iTunes and have it download to your computer for synching with your iPod or iPhone. You can download the show in mp3 form for placement on any device. You can subscribe to the RSS feed for placement on any device. You can even subscribe in the Zune Marketplace. I’ve just added that link too.

    Check out all of the links in the show notes and please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks for listening!


  3. Hi – there seems to be an asx file in my feed page – no mp3 this time?

  4. Wilf,

    Can you please provide me with additional information? What software do you use? To which feed are you subscribed?



  5. Here’s a great website works out the physics of the alleged “motor doping” that calculates the amount of power needed to make the attacks that he did – and that are well within his range.


  6. Re: Missing MP3 Podcast File. I use Explorer 8 and it’s RSS feed viewer showed me the blog site whereas I should have subscribed to the actual Feed page (which is http://www.thefredcast.com/The_FredCast.xml and NOT http://www.thefredcast.com/?p=1489).

    All is good now – thanks David.

  7. Yay! I’m glad it’s all fixed now, Wilf. Enjoy the show.

  8. I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, but the idea that when your stomach is empty you burn more body fat goes against what every single, sensible diet has in common: eating breakfast is essential to losing weight and fat. If it is true–as has been shown to be true in all diet plans–then how could exercising on an empty stomach actually help you lose more?

    Conventional wisdom says that eating a breakfast helps boost your metabolism so you end up burning more. This study you quoted says that skipping, or at least putting off breakfast somehow causes you to burn more. I would love to see how to reconcile these two, apparently opposing viewpoints.

    As for me, I don’t see a difference. It seems to be a simple formula. Calories in minus calories out. If it’s a positive number I gain, if it’s negative I lose. All regardless of when I eat.

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