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Show #166 – MegaNews

Sep 11th, 2010 | By | Category: Podcasts



Episode 166
September 10, 2010

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This episode of The FredCast Cycling Podcast features a review of Gore Ride On Cables and an interview with Paul Smeulders of ErgVideo.

In the news this week: Laurent Fignon Dead at Age 50, L.A. Mayor Becomes a Cycling Advocate, Floyd Landis’ Bike Sold for $5 at Yard Sale, Interbike News, Pro Cycling News, The First Family Goes on a Bike Ride, A Cop Steals a Bike So He’s Not Late to Work, and more!


The FredCast Cycling Podcast
Episode 166
September 10, 2010
2. All shows are sponsored by listeners like you. Thank you for your donations!
2. Hosting Interbike TV Again This Year!
1. Laurent Fignon Dead at Age 50
2. Villaraigosa Becomes Cycling Advocate
3. Floyd Landis’ Bike Sold at Garage Sale for $5
4. Interbike News
* Rep. Earl Blumeanuer to Speak on Opening Day
V Leaving Las Vegas?
5. Pro Cycling News
* Levi Leipheimer Wins 2010 Leadville Trail 100
* Levi Leipheimer Wins 2010 Tour of Utah
V Vuelta a España (August 28 – September 19)
* Sky Forced to Pull Out After Illness, Death
* Andy Schleck, Stuart O’Grady Sent Packing
* Cavendish Wins Two Stages in a Row, Takes Place in History
* Radio Shack Asks CAS to Look Into Lombardy Snub
* Caisse d’Epargne Gets New Sponsor
* Cervelo Test Gone, Garmin-Cervelo Here
* Trek to Sponsor New Luxembourg Team
* Carlos Sastre Has a New Team for 2011
* Sanchez to Rabobank
* Ricco Has New Team for 2011
V World Championships (September 29 – October 3, Melbourne)
* No Schleck
* No Contador
* No McEwen
* Giro di Lombardia (October 16)
* Floyd Landis Files Federal Whistle Blower Lawsuit
* Former Gerolsteiner Manager Says Levi Doped
6. San Diego Gym Generates Its Own Electricity
* VisCycle
7. First Family Goes on a Bike Ride . . . with helmets this time
8. Injured Cyclist Saved by Twitter Followers
9. Cop Steals Bike So He’s Not Late to Work
10. Sometimes Don’t You Just Wish You Could . . .
1. Product Review: Gore Ride On Cables
2. Interview: Paul Smeulders of www.ergvideo.com
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  1. Re: Doping

    First: love the podcast (really the only reason I enjoy driving in my car when I can’t be out biking… at least I can listen to your podcast).

    Second: You asked for thoughts on the whole doping situation. I think doping… and the penalties that befall those who dope… should all be handled by the individual sport groups, the organizations governing each individual sport. It just doesn’t seem right to use hundred of thousands of tax payer dollars (especially in these times) just so high priced lawyers can investigate doping in various sports. Shouldn’t the NBA be responsible for outing basketball dopers, the NFL/AFL be responsible for football dopers. Let whoever watches over baseball, and soccer, and golf, and cycling, and whatever sport athletes might be inclined to dope in… let these organizations police their own sports. If a company/sponsor or whoever wants to file a lawsuit… fine, go for it. But, really, I can only imagine how much of our tax money is squandered investigating sports’ doping problems. In fact, it’d be great if some journalist would investigate those federal agencies that are doing the doping investigation to see just how much money is being spent. Total dollars for all sports… I’d love to hear that number and I’m sure a lot of other tax payers would too. I mean can’t the FDA and whoever else is investigating doping in sports find something better to spend our tax dollars on. End of rant… for now.

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